Fall Into Wellness

What would life be like without supermarkets? I’m sure there are
a lot of answers to that question. In honor of the coming of fall and
all of the extraordinary food it brings, we’ll look at just one of
those answers. – We would eat mostly foods grown locally and in
the current season –
While this is still a common lifestyle in many parts of the world
and a main component of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, it
has become somewhat of an abandoned practice for us.
Plenty of us make trips to local orchards when the season opens and
coming from Connecticut, I can’t think of anything tastier than a fresh
picked Macintosh Apple from Rogers Orchards. Even with these
occasional stops at the Orchard, the majority of what we eat on a given
day comes in packages or is prepared by someone or someTHING else. The
more we can learn to rely on Real, Whole Foods and less on Refined,
Processed and Packaged foods the better off our health AND happiness
will be.

Typically foods grown in their given season offer a host of health
benefits when eaten during that season.
* Cooling Fruits and Vegetables grow in the heat of the summer to
help cool us down
* Foods like Beets, Apples and Pears growing in the fall to help
cleanse the blood and our organs
* Root vegetables, nuts and seeds grown in the fall keep through the
winter so we can harvest, save and eat throughout the colder months
to stay warm.

To see some of the benefits for yourself, you are invited to try “The
Local Eating Challenge”.

To celebrate fall, local food AND Welcome to Wellness’s 1 year
anniversary, Take 1 day this month to live off only locally grown food!
This challenge will most surely involve an outing to a local Farm, Farm
Stand and/or Orchard.
In the event you already have a garden or eat mostly local foods, take
the extra step and see what you can get local that you normally would
not. Maybe it’s your meat, dairy or egg purchase. Or if you’re snacks
usually come in a wrapper, try eating a fresh picked apple or pear.

We love hearing from you so when you’re done, let us know how your
Local Eating Challenge for this month goes!

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