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Your Version of Healthy Can Begin The Moment
You Decide You Want It For Yourself…

Hello and Welcome!

My goal is to eliminate all of the confusion about Nutrition and what it means to “Be Healthy”.   We all have our own version of that and I am here to support you to find exactly what that is.  It’s more than just food and exercise and I want to help you cultivate the healthy life you really want.

Good health, just like a good life, should be fun and exciting and that’s what I intend to make the road to getting there look like for you.

One thing I find very inspiring about “change” when it comes to our health is that when one person makes a change it almost always ripples through their own life and into the lives of others like family and friends.  Everybody Wins!

- Michael Lamitola
AADP Certified Holistic Health Coach

What some other folks have to say about it:

“Mike gets health! He understands how to sort through all the trendy health noise to the essential principals to get radiantly healthy for life.” – Matthew Cielo

“It seems that every cell in my body is smiling and thanking me for giving them the nutrients and attention they had been desiring and deserving for years” -Topher Downham

“After 6 months, my cholesterol, Triglycerides, and LDL, are down, and my HDL is improving. I have lost 9 pounds, have more energy, sleep better, and am less stressed.  I feel at least 10 years younger!”  - AB

“Mike has debunked myths I’ve been living by my entire life, and shared information in such a way that makes it easy to learn” – Molly


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