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What is a cleanse good for?

Just the word “Cleanse” sounds really scary to some people. It used to for me. Thoughts of Extreme dieting, “Hollywood” weight loss programs, deprivation, vanity, the list goes on.

In short, This is NOT what cleansing is about. Sure you will most likely lose weight if there’s weight to be lost (most of us build up weight over the winter for a reason, it’s a natural part of life if you live in a cold climate).

What if you could use the normal, natural cleansing process the way it’s intended: to fight and clear up allergies, headaches, skin problems, upset stomachs, constipation, bloating, foggy brain and fatigue?  

If you take a look at the animals around us you’ll notice they are all doing the same thing right now – They are eating plants that are natural Spring tonics that stimulate organs like the Liver and Kidneys, flush out toxins & excess fat that was needed in the winter but not in the warm weather, help build energy in the body and ramp up our immune systems.

Something as simple as Dandelions (yes, those yellow things that everyone is supposed to “Kill Off” every year.  These are one the most cleansing plants in nature and it just so happens they pop up in the Spring (hmmm, wonder why that is?)

I try to drink Dandelion Tea daily this time of year to help boost my immunity and fight off the allergies.  One other thing I do is incorporate a Whole Food Cleanse into the season.  Taking a week or two to focus on clean, healthy foods to do all the work (just like our animal friends).  It’s easy to follow and it works EVERY TIME!

Last year my allergies kicked in and literally on the 2nd day they vanished.  And all I did was follow some easy recipes from my Cleanse Program.

Honestly, even following it 80% or 50% will give you good results! 

Set yourself up for a super energetic year with less sneezing and headaches and try it for yourself.

To your good health,



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