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It’s True, Cayenne Pepper is a Wonder Drug!

cayHere’s a question for you:  What food has more health benefits than any other food/herb on the planet and has over 3000 scientific studies to validate it?

Answer: Cayenne Pepper!
I’ve been reading “The Healing Power of Cayenne Pepper” by Dr. Patrick Quillin and just keep getting blown away by the power of this little fruit (yep, it’s a classified fruit).

Here’s just a few of the things this powerhouse can do and why you should not hesitate to use a little in any recipe (in any season, I’ll explain that below):

  • Lowers Fat Levels
  • Helps Lower Blood Pressure (see below)
  • Blocks Pain
  • Thins, Loosens or increases mucus as needed (Allergies? Stuffy Nose?)
  • Antibacterial
  • Protects from Toxins (Tip: Try my new program, then start with the Pepper for low toxin living)
  • Improves Nerve Conduction
  • Antioxidants that block cell damage
  • Releases Endorphins (think relaxed, happy and without pain)

Do you ever get too hot in the summer?  You might not think Cayenne Pepper will help cool you down but it will.
Cayenne opens up the blood vessels near the surface to cause sweating.  While it causes an initial warming sensation, it’s actually bringing the bodies internal heat to the surface to be dissipated, which then helps the body cool down. That opening of the Blood Vessels can also help lower your Blood Pressure!  This food is regularly consumed by natives of hot, humid climates to help tolerate the heat…neat

This stuff is really to good to keep to yourself.  Please share it and pass along to those who could benefit, they will thank you.

Well I don’t know what you’re waiting for.  It’s 70 and sunny where I am today, time to break out the pepper!

Talk soon,

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