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Quick Tip on Fat, Olive Oil and Dressing


With so many people freaked out or confused about “Fats” and “Oils”, I thought I’d pass along a really simple tip to getting the most out of yours.

We need Fat.  No good comes from not having enough, quite the opposite.

It’s good fats that we need though.  For the purpose of this quick tip, I’m talking about Olive Oil and the Monounsaturated fats that boost our health, provide antioxidant protection to cells, lubricate our joints and reduce inflammation.

The Problem with Oil as Salad Dressing:
Most people drizzle the Oil and Vinegar onto the Salad after the salad is made and already put in their plate.  What results is this:

  • A mess of Salad Dressing underneath the food
  • A lack of taste because the Salad isn’t fully coated (or even close)
  • A waste of good Olive Oil
  • An excess amount of Oil and dressing is used (we need fat, but not a whole cup of it!)

 The Solution:
Make your salad in a large mixing bowl, drizzle a little bit (1-2 TBSP) of Oil & Vinegar, or Oil and Lemon Juice on the salad, and then massage everything together.  (prepare to get it on your hands, its okay to get dirty in the kitchen). THEN put it in your plate.

What you end up with is:

  • Delicious, tasty, evenly coated leaves
  • Half the amount of Oil/Dressing used
  • No messy waste
  • A great reason to buy the best quality Oil because you don’t need a lot anymore

It’s summer: perfect time for raw green salads and some Olive Oil.  Enjoy!

To your evenly coated, tasty lettuce eating, healthy self,

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