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Quick & Easy, Guilt Free Chocolate Dessert

An awesome Chocolate Banana dessert that happened by accident….

While I was making a smoothie yesterday I accidentally dropped a banana in on top of the Raw Cacao powder I had just added.  I was kind of in a rush and forgot I had already put a banana in at the bottom so it was an unintentional banana drop.  oops..

I scooped the banana out and noticed it had a nice coating of cacao powder on it.  Naturally I had to try it.  WOW!!  A perfectly simple healthy dessert was born right in front of me. (I’m sure someone else thought of this already but just because something happens once doesn’t mean it can’t happen again)

A dessert you can eat and really feel good about (not like, “mmm, that was good but now it’s over and I wish I didn’t eat it”).  The ingredients which are 1 banana and 1 TBSP raw cacao are even a part of my detox program.  I just never thought of rolling the banana around in the powder.

It’s loaded with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals (like iron, magnesium, sulfur & potassium) and it tastes freaking delicious!    Enough said.  Go make one.

Directions:  Put 1 Tbsp. Raw Cacao powder in a dish.  Spread out.  Peel a banana and roll the banana around in the dish until it is well coated.  Eat. Smile. Share with a friend.

And to get some of the best Cacao around, just Click Here (you’ll also find a ton of information on it)

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