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March 22, 2013 by Mike Lamitola


Feathers shall raise men even as they do birds, toward heaven; that is by letters written with their quills
~Leonardo Da Vinci
Want to know how to improve the Quality of Your Life RIGHT NOW??
You already know the answer. This will only take a minute. Write down the following question:
“What is one thing I could stop doing, or start doing, or do differently, starting TODAY that would most improve the quality of my life”
You might decide to take a few minutes to answer this one. If you come up with a few choices that’s great and if you really want to see some changes, JUST PICK ONE! We all know what happens when we decide we’re going to start doing things differently. We don’t. If we do it is pretty short lived. Making any change is best done slowly, one step at a time. So if it’s exercise, laugh more, eat more greens, less sugar, more writing, less complaining, whatever it is, JUST PICK ONE! Commit to that and nothing more for the next 30 days and see if the quality of the life you’re living starts to get even better.
If you are looking to express a more creative side of yourself or gain some clarity, here’s a few more idea’s to write and think about from Michael Gelb’s book “How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci”
1. When am I most naturally myself? What people, places and activities allow me to feel most fully myself?
2. What is my greatest talent?
3. Who are my most inspiring role models?
4. How can I best be of service to others?
5. What is my heart’s deepest desire?
6. How am I perceived by: my closest friend, my worst enemy, my boss, my children, my co-workers, etc.?
7. What are the blessings in my life?
8. What legacy would I like to leave?

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