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Easiest way to Pit a Cherry


Cherries are in full season right now, especially those coming in from Washington State.  To really get your money’s worth this year, buy them on sale, pit them and freeze them.  Whole Foods Market has a one day sale coming up this Friday, July 11th – Organic Cherries only $2.99 a pound.  This is a deal not to be missed.

How To Pit a Cherry:

Pitting a cherry is actually pretty easy.  I found this great infographic on the Whole Foods Market blog and this method was the winner for sure:

Get yourself a glass bottle, put the cherry on top, stick a chopstick (or similar shaped object) into cherry to pit it.   Buy a bunch so you can bag them and freeze them.  You can use them later down the road for smoothies or any other dessert or recipe you want.

My favorite way to eat a cherry is just right out of the bag (by the pound!)  But I also love to cook them with Green Beans, Almonds and a little Coconut Oil.  Saute it all in a pan and you’re good to go.  Just be sure to make enough for leftovers!



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