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Can we think more positive thoughts?

Sun and  CloudsIt’s amazing how the human mind can experience feelings like hope, fear, excitement, self doubt, inspiration, defeat, self worth, self sabotage all in the course of one day or even just a few hours.

Which thought is right and which is wrong?  When things are good, we can convince ourselves that they might be too good and we don’t deserve it so we find a way to suppress it.  And when things get so bad we ask, how can things really be this bad?  And we find a way out of it.

We judge ourselves worse than we judge others.  “We are our own worst critics” I’m pretty sure I’ve read and heard that somewhere before.   What we may see in the mirror on a given day isn’t exactly what we want to see or expect we should see based on the strict rules we put on ourselves.  “I’m too fat, I’m not attractive, I don’t like my stomach…”  Something  that to another observer might seem completely crazy.

We might think too big, too small, too fat, too skinny, hair too straight, hair too curly, disproportionate, legs to long for a torso too short, the list of things wrong with us is always easier to come up with than the list of things we like about ourselves.

Can you be okay with the way you are?

To have more thoughts about what we like about ourselves than what we don’t.

To have more thoughts of self worth than self doubt and to act in confidence instead of fear.

The human mind is really amazing.  We have a choice to think anything we want about ourselves and we have the ability to follow a dream until it’s actualized.   When we get there, to that actualized dream, we still might not really “feel” there so we can keep going to follow whatever that dream has now become.

On a side note, Humans have spent years developing advanced technology to make satellites that float above the earth, GPS tracking devices of all kinds and people still get lost.  Sea Turtles do this naturally without any technology needed.  Read more about that here.  🙂   (Sea Turtle Photo compliments of Katharine Clukey)

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