Acoustic Meditations



Music provides a healing space for all of us.  Whether it’s stress, sleep, energy, immune support, allergies (yes really!) we can all benefit from different types of music in so many ways.

My Meditations are accompanied by the sounds of Acoustic Guitar tuned in keys that promote healing and relaxation and fit the intention for each session.

Click below to listen to the Stress Release Meditation!

NOTE: Purchase of this track allows purchaser to distribute freely for healing/health purposes under the condition no additional payments will be accepted. This track is not to be sold or distributed for profit under any circumstances. 

Thank you in advance for sharing.

   If you are a Healer/Health Practitioner and would like your OWN guided acoustic meditation to provide (your voice, your guided meditation, my music) I would LOVE to support you with that.  Please email me and we can discuss what you’d like and how to make it happen!


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