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Is this business or did this just get personal?

Is this business or did this just get personal?

No matter what you do in your professional life, you are bound to encounter the sometimes very fine line between what is business and what should never be personal.  You may find yourself on either side: Receiving something directed as personal, or letting emotions catch you and sending it yourself.

If everybody could give themselves a moment to reflect on their own emotions, we can undo so much of what ails offices around the world.

The probability that someone you work with intentionally did something to cause a negative effect on you is low.  If it’s not, then rethinking where you work and what you value is a great option.  The probability that everyone deals with a lot of stress at work and in life outside of it is very high.  That is where the emotions come into play and blur the lines of communication.  There are sometimes factors completely out of ours and our coworkers control yet we find “comfort” in taking it out on somebody.  Usually at the expense of that somebody’s next evening of no sleep, anxiety or if they can actually get to sleep, work nightmares (yes, it’s a real thing).

This type of passive aggressive communication can sabotage work relationships, office moral and put an untold amount of extra stress on the people around us.  If we want to be happy in life, then we want to surround ourselves with other people who are happy. We can never achieve it if we contribute negatively to that outcome.

So as a reminder to myself and my fellow peers, take a nice long deep breath and check yourself before you wreck yourself…or somebody else.

While this was floating around in my head today due to actual work events, it is absolutely applicable to non-work environments.  I can say without a doubt that having both a newborn and a toddler causes plenty of “I wish I didn’t say that moments” between my wife and I and I’m definitely taking my own advice.  



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